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GP  Extrusion/Calander Line for PET Sheet/Film; 1-5 Layer

Demonstration on request - If interested, please contact us


General Plastics manufactures single screw extruders, twin screw extruders and complete extrusion lines for various applications. 

General Plastics manufactures horizontal, vertical and mixed 3-roll calender for the production of foils and sheets with various thickness range.  Horizontal and mixed 3-roll calender is particularly suitable for the production of PET thick foils, smooth and embossed sheets for stationery application.

The nominal width ranges are from 400 mm up to 2000 mm.

The cooling and polishing rolls, made of steel, have diameter from 250 mm up to 800 mm.

GP  Blow Molding Machine for production of bottles with metering.

Demonstration on request - If interested, please contact us


Special Blow Molding Machine for production of special bottles, containers for medicine, chemistry, cosmetics and other applications. The filling and closing  in the machine or outside machine.

Blow molding machine with economical energy efficient electric drive completely or Electro-Pneumatic. The high efficiency and reliability.

General Plastics manufactures three types of blow molding  machines: Fully Electric, Electro-Pneumatic in the range between 5 ml and 20 litres and for more than 20 liters hydraulic machines.

Our machines are used in main industries: the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical,  medicine chemical and technical industries.  Our machine range offers all capabilities to produce bottles and containers from the basic single layer up to six layers co-extruded, from Single up to Sixteen cavities.


Demonstration on request - If interested, please contact us



Agglomerator+Extruder+Granulating system

3 machines in one-continuous recycling system  Air Cooling, Die Face Cutter.  Designed for processing of PE Biodegradable, Stretch, Shrink and other film waste.     

General Plastics is your specialist for the production of machines and solutions for transforming plastic waste into reusable raw material. Our recycling lines are suitable for a wide range of applications: PE, PP, PA, PS, PC, PET, ABS, EVA, PPS, biopolymers, form of plastic and other technical plastics, can be efficiently and cleanly recycled into pellets. We produce our lines for recycling in various sizes and versions. Our machines are Applicable to a variety of materials and Guarantees Consistent high output rates from 5 kg to 1000 kg / h.

Blowing Line for the production of bi-oriented  PA Casing

Demonstration on request - If interested, please contact us

 Complete extrusion and stretching line for manufacturing of biaxially oriented tubular film made of e. g. polyamide (PA6), film stabilizing.

Extrusion  lines  for  blow  film

Demonstration on request - If interested, please contact us


Stretch and others  Film  blowing machine-2layer

 GF-2x40LL /700-W2H

Output:80kg/hr stretch film

Output:100kg/hr  other film

Film width(max):600mm

General Plastics manufactures Complete blown film lines for single or multi-layer films up to seven layers of HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MPE, EVA, PP, PA, EVOH, PET, PS, Ionomers, Blends and Reclaim. Our machines are applicable to different quality of materials and ensure consistent high quality of the film.

We produce machines with capacities from 10 kg to 1000 kg / h.

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Film Blowing Stretch- 3Layer Recycling machine Blow moulding m. Full Electric Injection blow moulding m.

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